Student Ministries

Woodhaven Students is a community of teens being transformed. We want them to know God and become fully committed followers of Jesus Christ to bring glory and honor with their lives. We hope and expect to raise up spiritual leaders to impact the world for Jesus Christ. This will happen through purposeful community: large group gatherings, small groups, discipleship, and service opportunities.

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We meet every Sunday night during the school year at 6:00PM!

Woodhaven Students

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Our family is new to Woodhaven, what should we do next?

If you are new, we ask that you do two things.  First, take a minute to note the programming that we offer for your student found above. Second, please fill out the Student Registration Form. Then, have your student show up! We can’t wait to meet them.

When students arrive for any WSM programs, they’ll come to the Check-In Station.  They’ll be asked to fill out a Contact Card. The leaders manning the station will then help your student connect to a Small Group Leader in their age group, and connect them with other students.  When students dismiss to groups, leaders will help your student find their group.

Who will lead my student?

A team of committed volunteers, led by Lauren, has been trained and is ready to walk along side the students to take the next step in their faith.

What can my student expect at WSM?

While each program in Student Ministry may look a little different, we use the same basic elements: worship, teaching, small groups, prayer and of course, fun!!

How do I serve in Student Ministries?

Student ministry is a high-energy, fun atmosphere where students are given a safe place to grow.  High-fives are a must, laughter is the glue, and Jesus is the focus.  If this sounds like a place you’d love to serve,  we’d love for you to join the fun!

To get started, contact Lauren.

Do you offer baptism for Students?

The short answer is yes. Please see our baptism page here for more on why we baptize and what that means in the Reformed Church of America.

What is Profession of faith and how does it work?

Profession of faith is a big step in someone’s walk with Christ and is  something we love to celebrate. To get more info about what it is and how you can take this step check out our Woodhaven 101 class.

Where can I find WSM on the campus?

WSM Events meet in the gym located on the backside of the property. Occasionally we host events off campus noted on the Calendar.